shea wrote: I'm from down town multiage 8.8.12 at 5:51PM

Rosemary Miketa wrote: What an exciting project for the school and our multiagers. Thank you Little Green Gardeners for taking the initiative here and for keeping us up to date with your website. 6.12.12 at 3:47PM

susan wrote: this is such a great project for everyone!! Looks like it is going well and anxious to watch how it all "grows" together!! 4.22.12 at 12:55PM

Julie LaBurn wrote: Thank you Kristen and all your friends that helped today. I cannot believe we moved all that dirt in an hour! The Pierce garden is beautiful and our multiage students are so excited to grow vegetables this summer. 4.21.12 at 2:38PM

Teresa wrote: Great job Kristen! This is amazing and I love the website. You are really bringing the community together in a great way, you should be very proud. Congratulations. 4.15.12 at 11:56PM

Katie wrote: What an amazing thing you are doing! Anxious to watch it through the growing season!! 4.15.12 at 10:21PM

Stephanie wrote: This is amazing! 4.15.12 at 9:40PM