mrs. jotonavic wrote: hi kids are you doing your work are garden looks yummy. i miss you bye 7.28.12 at 10:09AM

shea wrote: hi jack 7.21.12 at 7:50PM

jack .a wrote: hi shea 7.17.12 at 7:52PM

shea wrote: are garden looks yummy 7.17.12 at 7:51PM

shea wrote: hi guys you rock and are cool. shea sees you i miss you i wont be at pierce next year quentin and jack and sawyer and jack a. and jon hareis . my new school is way see ya bye 7.17.12 at 7:39PM

shea wrote: hi 7.17.12 at 7:26PM

shea wrote: this garden is growing allot so fare bye guys 7.17.12 at 7:25PM

shea wrote: i lake this 7.17.12 at 7:23PM

Jack Enwright wrote: Lettuce is retty to be picked. 6.26.12 at 6:08PM

Jack Enwright wrote: The garden looks great. 6.21.12 at 4:56PM

drew wrote: I can't believe how much our vegtables are growing!!! 6.19.12 at 2:54PM

Quentin wrote: I just can't wait until the garden grows! 6.12.12 at 7:15PM

Jack Enwright wrote: I love to be in this. It's just like a dream come true 6.11.12 at 8:49PM

Downtown Multiage wrote: Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to be the first Little Green Gardeners! The garden looks beautiful, yummy, and great! Can't wait to harvest. 6.11.12 at 1:41PM