Courtney Gibson wrote: I'm so very proud of you Kristen!!! Growing up you always looked out for my best interest. It's great to see that you're passing that care on to as many people as you can and touching their lives in such an positive and productive way. You've done a great thing here & you should be proud of yourself! Love you!!! XOXOXO 4.23.12 at 11:50AM

chaumanix wrote: Congratulations Kristen! This is awesome! And a great way to actually instill healthy nutrition in a fun way to kids. Way to go! 4.22.12 at 11:33AM

Jennifer Marie Christie wrote: That is VERY exciting, Kristen. You should be REALLY proud of yourself that not only do you have the PASSION, but you have the follow through to see your PASSION come to life! I can feel it in your work! Great Job! 4.15.12 at 10:00PM