Newspaper article about Pierce Dirt Day

4.29.12 (articles (newspaper))

We were so excited to see that a reporter came to cover the Pierce Dirt Day! The only bummer is that the article failed to mention SiteScape, the AMAZING landscape company which has donated so much time to the building of the Pierce garden.

In case the small text is too difficult to read, here is what it says:
"Above: Lily Fischer, 8, and her mom, Melissa Fischer, of Birmingham help to create a vegetable garden at Pierce Elementary April 21. Little Green Gardeners, a non-profit based in Birmingham, donated supplies along with Weigand's Nursery of Macomb and Bank of Birmingham. Left: Quinn Hock, 3, does her part to build several vegetable gardens at Pierce Elementary. The gardens will be used to teach the students about nutrition, agriculture and the importance of a healthy environment."

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Dirt Day at Pierce!

4.22.12 (Pierce Elementary)

Yesterday we had Dirt Day at the Pierce garden... and it was a blast! The kids dove in (some did so literally) and they shoveled all of the dirt into the garden beds. They were hardcore ROCKSTARS, opting for the adult shovels instead of the kids ones, and moving that dirt way faster than we had anticipated!

Thank you so much to all of the parents, teachers, friends, and Little Green Gardeners (the students!) who came out to help, and to their younger siblings (future Little Green Gardeners) who also helped! And thank you to SiteScape and Bank of Birmingham, our awesome sponsors, for coming out to help too!

The pile of dirt actually started out about four times this size (you can see the edges of the original dirt pile by looking on the ground)...

Once the dirt was shoveled into the wheelbarrows, we brought the dirt into the garden...

Newspaper was laid down at the base of the garden beds to help prevent the existing grass and weeds from rooting into our new soil...

One rake for each hand... I love it!

Jenny from Bank of Birmingham (a proud sponsor of the Pierce garden) was there to lend a hand...

On Sunday April 29th from 1-4pm we will be painting the picket fence! Come on out and help us!

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501(c)(3) verification document

4.17.12 (501(c)3 verification doc)

For sponsors and donors: Click here to download our letter of verification for our tax-exempt 501(c)3 status (for use for your tax purposes).

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April 2012 - Press Release for the Pierce Elementary garden

4.17.12 (press releases)

For the media: To access this press release, Click here

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Construction has begun on the garden at Pierce Elementary!

4.13.12 (Pierce Elementary)

We are excited to announce that today we broke ground on the new Pierce Elementary School vegetable garden! Located on the south side of the property, the garden will consist of six 10'x4' raised vegetable beds, a flower bed, and an irrigation system... all enclosed by an adorable 24'x48' white picket fence. Today the awesome team from SiteScape leveled the ground and installed the six raised beds. On Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 29th from 1-4pm, volunteers, teachers, and students will work together to fill the beds with a mix of new soil and nutrient-rich compost so that we can begin planting soon!

The installation team used a rope and a level to line up and level the garden beds...

The beds are made of cedar, which will make them hold up well to water, as well as repel insects who don't like the smell of cedar. Built with benches along the top, they will be comfortable for gardening and/or for use as an outdoor classroom.

The workers first dug level trenches, then they set the beds into the trenches. Irrigation tubing was buried beneath the beds so that a drip irrigation system can be installed.

Thank you SO much to SiteScape, an amazing landscaping company, for donating their labor for the bed and fence building and installation! You guys are awesome!

And here are just some of the plants (lettuce, snap peas, and pansies) that are ready and waiting to be planted into the garden...

Check back for more updates on the Pierce garden!

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