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The Pierce Garden in July!


The garden at Pierce Elementary was a huge success, with students visiting it all summer long to give it some water and pick the vegetables as they became ready to eat! It has now been cleared out for the winter, and then it will be planted again in the spring. Great job, everyone!!!

We would like to again thank our amazing sponsors who helped to make this vegetable garden possible! Not only were they very generous, but they were amazing to work with! Thank you!!!

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Planting day at Pierce!


Shortly after the grids were laid into the bed, "The Downtowners" (the 1st and 2nd graders) planted half of each garden bed (the other half was later planted by the 3rd and 4th graders). They learned how to handle the seedlings, how they need to go into the ground, why we put the plants where we did, and how to water the soil instead of the leaves (since in the soil is where the roots are, and therefore where the water needs to go, right!). It was a really fun day!

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Grid day at Pierce!


A few weeks ago, "The Uptowners" (the 3rd and 4th graders), were tasked with using string to make the grids in the garden beds. The grids laid the beds out in an orderly fashion, and indicated where each vegetable was to be placed. They had to work together as teams, using maps as their guides, and they all did great!

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Painting Day at Pierce!


It was a beautiful sunny day for the Painting Day at Pierce! This morning the picket fence was a dull wood color, and now it is a brilliant white! Thank you to all of the kids, parents, staff, and friends who helped!

We lined the inside with wire fencing so that rabbits and other small creatures cannot come into the garden and eat all of the vegetables.

And we put in the new storage shed, which will hold the shovels, rakes, etc.

Next we will plant flowers along the front flower bed (on the left side of this photo). Planting certain types of flowers will help to keep unwanted insects away from the garden, plus it will make it look beautiful!

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Dirt Day at Pierce!


Yesterday we had Dirt Day at the Pierce garden... and it was a blast! The kids dove in (some did so literally) and they shoveled all of the dirt into the garden beds. They were hardcore ROCKSTARS, opting for the adult shovels instead of the kids ones, and moving that dirt way faster than we had anticipated!

Thank you so much to all of the parents, teachers, friends, and Little Green Gardeners (the students!) who came out to help, and to their younger siblings (future Little Green Gardeners) who also helped! And thank you to SiteScape and Bank of Birmingham, our awesome sponsors, for coming out to help too!

The pile of dirt actually started out about four times this size (you can see the edges of the original dirt pile by looking on the ground)...

Once the dirt was shoveled into the wheelbarrows, we brought the dirt into the garden...

Newspaper was laid down at the base of the garden beds to help prevent the existing grass and weeds from rooting into our new soil...

One rake for each hand... I love it!

Jenny from Bank of Birmingham (a proud sponsor of the Pierce garden) was there to lend a hand...

On Sunday April 29th from 1-4pm we will be painting the picket fence! Come on out and help us!

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