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Newspaper article about Pierce Dirt Day

4.29.12 (articles (newspaper))

We were so excited to see that a reporter came to cover the Pierce Dirt Day! The only bummer is that the article failed to mention SiteScape, the AMAZING landscape company which has donated so much time to the building of the Pierce garden.

In case the small text is too difficult to read, here is what it says:
"Above: Lily Fischer, 8, and her mom, Melissa Fischer, of Birmingham help to create a vegetable garden at Pierce Elementary April 21. Little Green Gardeners, a non-profit based in Birmingham, donated supplies along with Weigand's Nursery of Macomb and Bank of Birmingham. Left: Quinn Hock, 3, does her part to build several vegetable gardens at Pierce Elementary. The gardens will be used to teach the students about nutrition, agriculture and the importance of a healthy environment."

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