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About Little Green Gardeners

4.13.12 (About)

Little Green Gardeners is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves Oakland County, Michigan. Founded in 2011, its mission is to build vegetable gardens in elementary schools and teach gardening to children for their educational, physical, environmental, and emotional health.

One of the primary goals of Little Green Gardeners is to encourage children to enjoy trying and eating fresh vegetables. Since studies show that children are more likely to enjoy eating vegetables when they have grown them themselves, we know that vegetable gardening provides an invaluable learning experience for children. We also feel passionate about helping kids get away from things like video games, and instead get back to the basics of being outside, breathing fresh air, and moving around. Additionally, we have an interest in teaching our future leaders about the environmental benefits of local growing, which include reducing fuel use from transportation, and reducing pesticide use, just to name a few. And gardening teaches children to be patient, and we love seeing the sense of accomplishment that children gain when all of their efforts finally produce the first signs of vegetables.

Through activities such as donating vegetables to a soup kitchen, and selling vegetables at The Farmer's Market, the children have the opportunity to learn about social responsibility and entrepreneurialism. Additionally, teachers use the garden as a hands-on tool when teaching subjects such as science, math, etc. Rather than just learning about how plants grow, the garden enables the children to actually watch how they grow. Math skills are taught as they plan the spacing for the garden, and as they add and divide up the vegetables they produce.

Little Green Gardeners plans to build at least one new vegetable garden in an elementary school per year. If you would like to nominate an elementary school for consideration, please email us by clicking on the "contact" button in the main menu bar.

The Little Green Gardeners Board of Directors includes:
Kristen Taylor Urcan, Founder and President
Michael Urcan, Treasurer

Other key volunteers include:
Carla Culicerto, Public Relations
Kristin Greenwald, Photography
Katherine Baldini, Fundraising Advisor

We are currently looking for an Early Education Advisor, an Accountant, and an Attorney to donate some of their time and knowledge (it is a very minimal time requirement). If you can fill either of these volunteer positions (it's a resume-booster and good karma), please contact us!

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