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About the founder of Little Green Gardeners, Kristen Taylor Urcan

4.13.12 (About)

In 1999, Kristen received her B.A. in Communication from the University of California San Diego. She then spent a few years working at an advertising agency before realizing that her true forte is photography and entrepreneurialism. In 2005 she started her own fashion-inspired wedding photography business, Kristen Taylor Photography, and in just a few years she grew it into a very successful business with a team of 10 employees. Kristen's passion for photography helped her to become one of the prominent wedding photographers in the Metro Detroit area. She brings this same amount of passion to gardening, and to everything she does.

After producing successful crops of delicious homegrown vegetables, and passionately loving the processes of tending to the plants, harvesting the crops, and eating the freshly picked herbs and vegetables, Kristen felt strongly that she wanted to share that immense amount of joy with others. Never having been the type of person to enjoy cooking, she found that once she started growing fresh herbs and vegetables, she suddenly loved to cook, especially with fresh and nutritious ingredients. She no longer was eating vegetables because she SHOULD, but rather because she really WANTED to, both for the amazing taste and the nutrients they contain. She found it very gratifying that she had grown them herself, that she was getting to eat them right after they had been so freshly harvested, and she truly wanted to bring this transformation to as many anti-vegetable kids as possible.

In California, where Kristen is originally from, there are non-profit organizations that bring vegetable gardens to elementary schools, and in fact many celebrities volunteer their time to come and help out. However, after moving to Michigan 10 years ago, she noticed that the Michigan elementary schools she saw did not have vegetable gardens, and so she decided to start a non-profit organization to raise money and begin to change that.

Kristen has taken numerous gardening workshops, and she is currently working to become a certified Master Gardener through the Michigan State University extension program.

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